Can Permament Makeup be Corrected

Can Permament Makeup be Corrected

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Permanent makeup is a growing trend around the country, and certainly in The Palm Desert area.  It offers the freedom and convenience of waking up in your makeup. However, with the growing trend comes the drawback of inexperienced work. Some aestheticians do a poor job, or don’t adhere to the style the client wants. Additionally, permanent makeup eventually ages, fades, and – in some cases – disfigures. It is necessary to touch up permanent makeup eventually, no matter the case. In situations where the client is not happy with her permanent makeup, our trained aestheticians can likely help. 

Why Is Permanent Makeup Corrected? 

Permanent makeup needs correction for several different reasons. Though we thoroughly train and vet our artists and aestheticians, some artists only train for a few days in permanent makeup. Therefore, many botched jobs occur. Here are a few common reasons for permanent makeup correction, including: 

• The client wants less noticeable permanent makeup.• Trends have changed. • The permanent makeup aged and/or changed color. • The original artist did the permanent makeup poorly. • The client is not happy with style of permanent makeup. • The technique and/or outcome is different from what the client expected. 

How Is Permanent Makeup Corrected?

You can’t have permanent makeup removed safely. However, you can have it corrected. If the makeup is too dramatic, dark, or discolored, we cover the affected area with flesh-colored ink. Then, we reapply permanent makeup ink in the form which suits the client’s needs and desires. That begs the question – couldn’t you just completely cover the makeup if a client doesn’t want it anymore? While the flesh-colored ink is effective enough to reshape and correct, it does not currently offer enough coverage to completely remove the permanent makeup. Correcting is the best option for a style to show off! 

Types of Permanent Makeup

We offer several types of permanent makeup services for clients interested in first-time service, or correction:

• Feathering technique permanent brow makeup (more affordable than micro-blading with a similar result)

• Permanent lip-lining, or subtle lip over-lining for fuller, more defined lips 

• Permanent eyeliner in all varieties of style, from very subtle to more defined

Permanent makeup is a great solution for those looking for a way to simplify the morning routine, while subtly enhancing natural beauty. The professional artists and aestheticians at Permanent Makeup & Skincare are knowledgeable and happy to help with first-time permanent makeup, as well as high-quality corrections.  


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