Permanent Microblading

Are you looking for Microblading in Palm Desert?

Arus Melkonyan is a top rated artist specializing in Microblading. Our list of microblading services consist: hairstroke microblading, microshadowing. The most important of all is that Arus Melkonyan will always advise you on the most suitable style for you and your skin. Are you tired of having to put on eyebrow makeup to make your brows look good? Microblading may be the solution you actually need. We offer a premiere eyebrows microblading exclusively in Palm Desert. You don’t have to take our word for it, simply look at the our work below and judge for your self. We offer a free consultation to anyone who’s interested in eyebrows microblading procedure. That way we can find out exactly what you need, with no obligation.

permanent eyebrows palm desert

Our Palm Desert Microblading Process

Palm Desert permanent Makeup

To begin with the microblading sessions Arus starts by outlining the eyebrows with a pencil on your skin to resemble the look of your future eyebrows. Arus uses a microblading ruler in order to chose the perfect shape. Yeah, there’s a little science to it. Once we determine the exact match, color, style you would like to have we begin the microblading process.

Palm Desert permanent Makeup

What Is Microblading?

Microblading (semi-permanent makeup technique) is an advanced eyebrow embroidery where a thin row of needles is used to create, thin, hair like marks on the skin. Microblading typically lasts about 18 months. If you are planning to do Microblading in Palm Desert it would be a great addition for creating a full and natural brow to match your skin tone. Microblading has become an increasingly sought after technique. Also, this brow treatment would be perfect for anyone who wants to enhance shape and thickness of their eyebrows.

permanent eyebrows palm desert
permanent microblading palm desert