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Can Permanent Makeup Be Corrected?

232 Views 35 Comments 2 March 2019

Permanent makeup is a growing trend around the country, and certainly in The Palm Desert area. It offers the freedom and convenience of waking up in your makeup. However, with the growing trend comes the drawback of inexperienced work. Some aestheticians do a poor job, or don’t adhere to the style the client wants. Additionally, permanent makeup eventually ages, fades, and – in some cases – disfigures. It is necessary to touch up permanent makeup eventually, no matter the case. In situations where the client is not happy with her permanent makeup, our trained aestheticians can likely help.

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What is Microblading?

232 Views 35 Comments 24th Dec 2019

Microblading may be the newest trend in the beauty world. Eyebrows have been an important and fashionable part of women’s appearance over the years. Permanent makeup is definitely worth the investment. Microblading in a semi-permanent makeup procedure that is growing in popularity in recent years. This tattoo method is used to create natural looking brows that last twelve months or longer. Especially in the hot desert, it is great to always have gorgeous brows with no effort or other makeup on.

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What is Scalp Micropigmentation

575 Views 87 Comments 16th May 2019

We are proud to offer you our highly effective and proven Scalp Pigmentation treatment. Our treatment can restore receded hairlines, thicken remaining hair, camouflage transplant scarring, and create the look of close-cropped hair for both men and women.