Permanent Lipliner

Permanent Makeup Lipliner Palm Desert

The first thing that even our Bollywood celebs want to change about themselves is their lips. Their lips make them feel insecure. From Katrina Kaif to Priyanka Chopra every second actress in Bollywood comes under the suspicion of lip surgery. Even though Anushka Sharma is so beautiful, it was reported in media that she had done a temporary lip filler to enhance her lips for her film Velvet. Did she get her old lip shape back, if it was a temporary job? Can anybody confirm? What Anushka Sharma did with her lips is what most of the girls around the world is doing through permanent lip liner tattoo. But, it is almost a permanent thing unlike temporary filler.

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What Is Permanent Lipliner?

Are you looking for permanent makeup lips in Palm Desert? Our face is the first thing people see, respectively it should match the overall image. Statistics shows that man mostly scrutinizes at lips of gorgeous woman.♥ Somebody can use plastic surgery to add shape, somebody would use lipstick trying to add better shape and color and somebody just uses permanent make up technology and it would solve the problem for a long time!

Permanent Lipliner

Lip Blush

Lip Blush technique gives your lips more volume that will last, unlike fillers. If we look back at traditional permanent makeup artist were using strong tattoo machines and synthetic pigments that were embedded deep in the skin.

Permanent makeup for lips today is different, we use organic and inorganic pigments, also modern digital tools that are more gentle. That is why the results are much more natural looking. The technique uses a machine with a small needle and requires soft work on the lips to very gently deposit the color without creating too heavy of a lip liner appearance.

The skin on the lips holds the pigment in a different way to the skin around the lips, that is why it is important not to work too far outside the borderline, but rather work with it to enhance the natural border and add color to create fullness.

How do you match your shade?

Pigments are available in many different shades. Every shade is customized to match your natural lip color. Artist can mix a few shades to achieve the perfect blend. It depends also from your preferences, some clients are looking for an ultra-natural outcome, while others choose lighter or darker pigments.

The goal is to give lips life and a natural boost of color without being too dramatic. Pigment choice is important any blue, purple or brown undertones must be balanced with orange modifying pigments. The natural skin and lip tone has to be always considered and it might require few visits to achieve certain results.


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permanent eyeliner palm desert