What is microblading

What is microblading?

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Microblading may be the newest trend in the beauty world.  Eyebrows have been an important and fashionable part of women’s appearance over the years. Permanent makeup is definitely worth the investment.  

Microblading in a semi-permanent makeup procedure that is growing in popularity in recent years.  This tattoo method is used to create natural looking brows that last twelve months or longer.

Especially in the hot desert, it is great to always have gorgeous brows with no effort or other makeup on.

The Microblading Process?

Microblading uses a  bundle of 12 to 15 fine needles in a pen that deposits pigment into you skin.  The artist draws hair like strokes to create a natural looking brow.  The entire procedure takes about 2 hours.

The pigment is applied into the superficial layers of your skin.  Since this is not very deep into the skin, the brow pigment will fade over time.

How does this feel?  Microblading feels somewhat like your brow is being scratched.  Numbing cream is applied 30 minutes before starting the prodcedure and during.  

One or two weeks before the procedure avoid excess alcohol, aspirin and retinol.    These can thin the blood and cause excessive bleeding.  

You may need to schedule a touchup a month after your first appointment.  Depending on your lifestyle you may need touchups every six months or so.

Microblading aftercare

The first week avoid sweaty workout, hot showers and swimming.  Avoid makup on your brows until they heal.

Investing in your beauty

At Desert Cities Spa our highly trained professional estheticians offer a variety of beauty services.  Ongoing training in the latest technology is a requirement to perform permanent makeup services.  

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